Friday, May 31, 2013

Too Casual Friday?

We all love those days when we don't have to don the suit and tie or suit and heels. But what is really appropriate for a casual day in the office?  


I'm a bit old school and have never been comfortable putting on a pair of jeans and going to the office, but that's just me. You can wear jeans and look professional. 


A few "casual" day faux pas I have seen over the years:

  • Jeans with holes
  • Faded jeans dragging the floor, frayed at the hem
  • Flip flops
  • Sports team t-shirts
  • Tank tops
  • Dirty tennis shoes
  • Thin blouses with undergarments showing through



Appropriate Casual Friday office attire is part of good business etiquette.  The goal is to still present a professional image while enjoying a day of business in casual attire. 

Bottom line: to be dressed in a way that you and your employer won't be embarrassed if a client or business associate stops by your office.


It’s ok for clients to see you in jeans, but they don’t want to see your Alumni hoodie from the 80’s or your wife beater T with your bra hanging out. And unless you work at the beach-Flip Flops have no place in the workplace-Ever... Yes, it’s Friday and the start of the weekend, but you’re still at work!