Friday, May 10, 2013

I Quit! Resigning From Your Job

We have all had those days where we want to march into the bosses office and say, “I quit”. Remember, all of our actions have consequences. You may need your former employer for a reference at some point. If you’re staying the same industry there’s a chance you will see him or her at a business function, so it’s always best when possible to leave on good terms.

Give Notice
Before you do anything check your employment contract, if you signed one, and see if it states how much notice you are required to give and what the consequences are if you don’t abide by it. It’s standard practice in most cases to give two weeks notice.  I’m sure we all know people who have felt like they just couldn’t take another day at their job.  Should they hang in there for another week or two or are there times when you can give less than two weeks notice or even no notice at all?

How to Quit
When you quit a job, it's important to resign as professionally as possible. Tell your supervisor in-person that you're leaving and to write a resignation letter. However, depending on situation, you may need to quit over the phone or via email.

Write a Letter of Resignation
No matter how you chose to quit, write a resignation letter.  You don't say much more than you are leaving. Accentuate the positive and talk about how the company has benefited you, but, state that it's time to move on. A resignation letter can help you uphold a positive relationship with your former employer, while providing a way for you to move on. 

Clean Up Your Computer
Some employers may decide that you should leave right immediately and show you to the door, even if you give two weeks notice. That being said, before you hand in your resignation, clean up your computer. Make sure you have the contact information for everyone you need to keep in touch with after you're gone. Delete personal files and email messages.

Far too often I have seen people leave at the end of the day or even at lunch time and just not come back. Or better yet, send an email that they are quitting when they are already supposed to be at the office.  Remember; don’t burn any bridges that you may need to cross again…