Monday, June 29, 2015

Customer List Out of Control? One Word - MERGE

Do you have customer names listed two or more times with only slightly different variations, when they're actually the same company? This often occurs when another QuickBooks user in your office can't find a customer who's already in the system and creates a new record with a slightly different spelling. Good news, you can merge them. Merging customers will combine the sales history of the duplicate records into a single record. QuickBooks then deletes the other records.

Before you begin you will need to switch to single-user mode. To do this, all of the QuickBooks users except you must log out of the data file. Go to "File" and select- "Switch to Single-User Mode". 

To merge customers complete the following steps:

Click Customer on the menu bar, then click Customer Center, you may also click the Customer Icon on the icon bar.

Select the customer that was mistakenly created. 

Double-click the customer you don’t want to use. This is the customer that cannot have any jobs attached to it. The “Edit” window will open.

In the Customer Name field, you must type the name of the customer that you want to merge with. The name must be spelled exactly like it is in the customer list. In this example, I am going to merge the companies Southside with South Side. I will type South Side exactly like it is spelled in the customer list.         

After you type the name, click OK at the bottom and then click OK to confirm that you want to merge the two customers.

More than two "same" customer names? Repeat the above steps for each of the remaining "same" names until you have the one correct customer name.
Need to merge vendor names? Follow the same procedure as you did for customers, just use the vendor list.

Tips and Warnings:
  • Only two customers can be combined at a time.
  • Only one customer can have jobs attached to it. If the other customer has jobs attached as well, then the jobs must be deleted or moved
  • Once two customers’ names are merged, the process cannot be reversed.
  • Merging two customers may affect previous financial reports.
  • When merging two customers, the data that was associated with the customer will be deleted. This includes all contact information.
  • You cannot merge a customer with a vendor
  • The data associated with the merged customer or vendor, such as address, phone number, Email, etc., is removed from your records along with the name.

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