Friday, November 18, 2016

15 Ways to Know You're a Tax Nerd

You know you are a tax nerd if:

1. At your wedding on December 31, you insisted that the photographer take a picture of you exchanging vows in front of the Big Ball in Times Square to prove to the IRS that you got married before midnight.

2. On April 15th you keep moving west as you prepare income tax returns so as to extend the filing deadline by three hours.

3. When you finish preparing a return, instead of saying 10 4 over and out, you say 1040 completed and filed.

4. You insisted that your daughter Katie pay kiddie tax on her lemonade stand income.

5. You consider a Rabbi Trust an example of a reputable clergy person.

6. You think a tax table is where deals are cut with the IRS.

7. You think that any person who masters the Internal Revenue Code is entitled to a Lifetime Learning Credit.

8. You think Batman collects taxes for the Commissioner.

9. Whenever you explain a QTIP, you give your client an earful.

10. You think that people who get paid under the table use the cash method of accounting.

11. You keep changing your mind when asked if you recommend creating a revocable trust.

12. You think people who create disregarded entities lack self confidence.

13. You equate the office of the IRS Taxpayer’s Advocate to the fox watching the hen house.

14. You think of an IRS furlough day as a tax holiday.

15. You think those who are careless with their tires should be subject to a flat tax.