Monday, December 7, 2015

Speed Up Opening Your QuickBooks® File

Does your QuickBooks® file seem to take forever to open? Did you remember to close those cumbersome reports before closing the company file?

The "Open Window List" is a great feature and one of the first things I make sure if open when I'm using a new file for the first time.

 With the Open Windows list so you can:
  • See each and every window currently open in QuickBooks®
  • Navigate between these windows quickly and easily
Activating the Open Windows list is a snap. 

  • Click View, then click Open Window List
Once that is done, a window box shows on the left hand side of your QuickBooks® - that screen will show all the open windows like the picture below:

 In the example picture above, there are 9 windows currently open - you can jump to any of them instantly by clicking on the desired window in the list. The open window list will also be a reminder of what you need to close before existing the program, so the next time you open your file it will open much faster without all those reports bogging it down.

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