Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Certified Payroll With QuickBooks

Many government contractors across the country are subject to the Davis-Bacon Act (Prevailing Wage) - including a growing number of small and large construction firms. Then, for each payroll period, the contractor must create a certified payroll report that shows the wages paid to each worker.
QuickBooks Certified Payroll reporting is a substitute for the federal form WH-347. It lists information about the company and the project, the employee's name, last four digits of their Social Security number and job classification. It also shows hours worked by each employee, rate of pay, gross wages, deductions and net pay. The reports must be printed and signed by an authorized official of the company to certify accuracy.

You must meet the following criteria in order to create a Certified Payroll Report:
  • You must have full version of Microsoft Excel. If you are using a trial version, make sure that trial period has not expired yet.
  • Use the QuickBooks time tracking feature.

    Enter time by job for each employee using the payroll items you use to pay employees. It is best if you enter time and then pay the employees using that time so that the time records and hours paid will be the same. You can still use this report without using the time feature, but you ll need to input your daily hours directly on the report. 
    • If you're using class tracking, classes assigned on timesheets should match the classes on paychecks.
  • Weekly payroll: you have created a weekly payroll and have included your certified payroll job on your paychecks (this happens automatically when you use time tracking). To learn how to use timesheet information in paycheck creation, see How to create paychecks based on timesheet hours or single-activity items. 
  • Your paychecks use earnings items named after your work classifications.
    For example, you might use hourly items with names like Carpentry, Electrical, or General Labor for your work classification codes. The item names you use will appear on your report. 
  • If your employees work overtime or double-time, pay the employees with an actual Overtime Earnings item, not just a regular item named overtime. (Check to see if you are using a special overtime item by editing the item from our Payroll Items list and looking for the Define Overtime slide. If it does not appear, the item isn't an overtime item.)

Create a report

  1. From the Reports menu, choose Employees & Payroll > More Payroll Reports in Excel > Certified Payroll Report
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions to create the report.  
    • As you follow the instructions, the Certified Payroll Report Interview window will open to gather additional information.